Eldon sources 100% of its cashmere knitwear from Scottish mills. Some of these mills have been creating high quality cashmere products for over 100 years.  

The cashmere our suppliers use is blended from fibres carefully selected from Mongolia, China and Afghanistan. They combine the different qualities of these fibres in a way which optimises the performance of our fabrics and allows us to provide the best combination of durability and hand feel on any given product.

Most of the cashmere fibre used in the process is gathered from goats which have been herded in the traditional ways which have been used for hundreds of years across Mongolia, Nepal and Afghanistan. This unique lifestyle means that the goats live an almost wild existence and helps to preserve these fragile communities.

They use fibre from the equivalent of around one million goats each year and each herder will typically look after around 200 goats. Although working directly with herders and farmers is difficult they are working as founder members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance to develop through them, sustainability programmes. By working closely with herder families the SFA aims to continuously improve the situation for both goats and herder communities.

Respecting Our Environment

Eldon Cashmere Limited constantly strives to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions and waste, both by trying new technologies and by instituting best practice within the company. 

    • Energy-saving technologies are invested in wherever possible
    • Paper, cardboard and aluminium are recycled at all our sites
    • The modern dyes our suppliers use are synthetic, but they are all organic
    • Employees are encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner
    • Mail order packaging is sourced from FSC-certified suppliers, and mailed in 100% compostable packaging where ever possible.